Curriculum Vitae



Licensed Clinical Social Worker #11335

613 G Street, Suite A, Davis CA 95616

(530) 753-1331

Present Professional Activities:

Forensic Clinical Services:

Child Custody 3111 Evaluation, Qualified Under Rule 5.225

Child Custody Recommending Counselor, Yolo County Superior Court

Co- Parent Counseling: Shared Parenting Support Program

Parent- Child Reunification Therapy

Court involved individual therapy for adults, adolescents, children


Family therapy

Therapy for adult, adolescent, child, couple

Confidential Mediation for Parents

Advanced Education:

Certificate: The Psychotherapy Institute, Berkeley CA, 1987

M.S.W., Smith College School for Social Work, 1982

B.A., University of California at Berkeley, 1970

Synopsis of Advanced Forensic Training:

40 Hour Training: Private Confidential Mediation, Sharyn Kaplan, 2012

40 Hour Training: Child Custody Recommending Counseling, Judicial Council of California, 2015

Child Custody Evaluation: Qualified under Rule of Court 5.225, yearly continuing education

Shared Parenting Support Program, Carol Greenfield, 2016

Professional Experience:

1985-present Private Clinical Practice

2015-present Forensic Services, Family Law, Yolo County

1999-2005 Forensic Services, Family Law: Contra Costa County

Child Custody Evaluation: Qualified Under Rules 1257.4, 1257.7

Special Master

Court Ordered Mediation, Recommending and Non-recommending

Accredited Expert Witness in Family Court: Yolo, Contra Costa, Alameda counties

2009 Staff Training: “High conflict divorce”, Yolo County Family Service

2003-2005 Staff training and ongoing clinical consultation and for CASA volunteers

1997-2002 Children of Divorce Support Group, ongoing weekly groups coordinated with single parent educational support group

1998-2000 Contracted with Department of Social Service to provide psychotherapy for children in foster care, Oakland CA

1986-1987 Point Richmond Counseling Center, Point Richmond CA

Forensic evaluation and treatment of child sexual abuse;

Expert testimony for custody mediation and visitation services

1985-1987 Clearwater Ranch Children’s House, Santa Rosa CA

Member of psychiatric residential treatment team: primary therapist for child and adolescent inpatients, family therapy, visitation supervision, crisis intervention, patient-staff meetings, coordinated services with Department of Social Services;

Member of leadership team in upgrading clinical services

Staff training in applied psycho dynamics

Participated in wilderness and rafting programs with children and staff

1984-1985 The Faulkner Hospital Inpatient Unit, Jamaica Plains, MA

Full-time clinical internship in psychiatric teaching hospital;

Primary therapist and treatment coordinator for inpatients;

Family therapist for inpatients; intake evaluations; inpatient groups;

outpatient adult psychotherapy

1983-1984 Worcester Youth Guidance Center, Worcester MA

Full- time clinical internship in multidisciplinary outpatient clinic;

Psychotherapy for child, adolescent, adult, couple, family, group

1982-1983 Oakes Children’s Center, San Francisco, CA

Member of day-treatment team and special education assistant, acting headteacher 6 months

1980-1983 Preschool teacher

Professional writing:

Co- Author, “Divorce: A problem to be solved, not a battle to be fought”, with

Karen Fagerstrom PhD, Milton Kalish LCSW, Rodney Nurse PhD, Nancy Ross LCSW, Peggy Thompson PhD, Thomas Wolfrum JD.

“Clinical Social Work and the Culture of War”, Clinical Update, (California Society for Clinical Social Work, September 2004)

“Therapist Activism: Mobilizing Our Profession to Respond to the USA Patriot

Act”, (California Society for Clinical Social Work, June 2004)

Present Professional Affiliations:

Association of Family and Conciliation Courts

Sacramento Valley Child Custody Mediators (provisional member)

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)

Previous Bay Area Affiliations:

Contra Costa County Family Court Service Liaison Committee

Judith Wallerstein Center for Families in Transition

Advanced Forensic Training: Compendium of Courses

Shared Parenting Support Program

Training with Carol Greenfield, July 2016

Child Custody Recommending Counselor

Fall 2015:

FDR Institute for New Court Professionals, Judicial Council of California: 20 hour training

Judicial Council of California approved courses:

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues in Family Court

Brief Solution-Focused Child Custody Mediation: Approaches and Skills

Child Welfare & Juvenile Dependency Court - An Overview

Ethics for Court-Connected Mediators, CCRCs, and Evaluators

Info Sharing between Family Court, Juvenile Court, FCS & Child Welfare

Working with High-Conflict Families

Domestic Violence & the Teen Brain: Maximizing Toward Complexity


40 hour Divorce Mediation Training, Sharyn Kaplan Esq., 2012

Two-Day Basic Interdisciplinary Collaborative Training, 2015

Mediation in DV Cases, Wm. Eddy, 2 hours, 2015

How to Build your Mediation Practice, S. Kaplan Esq., 2012, 6.5 hours

Child Custody Evaluation, 1999-present:

Foundation courses:

Conducting Child Custody Evaluations, Margaret Lee, Ph.D., and Nancy Olesen, Ph.D., 15 hours, 2/99

Conducting Child Custody Evaluations, 15 hours, Philip M. Stahl, Ph.D., 5/99

Domestic Violence Training for Court-Appointed Child Custody Evaluators and Investigators, 12 hours, June 1999

Domestic Violence Basic and Advanced Training, 12 hour mandated training under Rule 5.225, Fall 2015 FDR Institute for New Court Professionals, Judicial Council of California

Continuing Education courses 1999-2005: 90 hours total; unless otherwise indicated, the courses below were taught by Philip Stahl, PhD

1999: Risk Management and Ethics in Family Law, 4 hours, 4/99

Alienation and Alignment of Children in High Conflict Divorce, 3.5 hours, 4/99

Testifying in Court, 3.5 hours, 4/99

2000: Domestic Violence Issues in Family Law, 4 hours, 8/00

2001: Domestic Violence Issues in Family Law, 4 hours, 6/01

2002: Understanding Assessment and Working with HC Families, 3.5 hours, 5/02

Complex Issues in Domestic Violence, 7 hours, 9/02

Child Development Issues for Custody Evaluators, 3.5 hours, 5/02

Report Writing and Testifying, 4 hours, 5/02

Domestic Violence Issues in Family Law, 4 hours, 5/02

Alienation Issues for Child Custody Evaluators, 4 hours, 9/02

Ethics and Risk Management in Child Custody Evaluations and Family Law, 6.5 hours, 9/02

Sexual Abuse Assessment for Child Custody Evaluators, 3.5 hours, 9/02

Sexual Abuse Issues for Child Custody Evaluators, 4 hours, 9/02

2003: Domestic Violence Update, 4 hours, 6/03

Psychological and Legal Issues in Relocation Cases, 3.5 hours, 6/03

Relevant Research for Custody Evaluators and Attorneys, 3.5 hours, 6/03

2004: Domestic Violence for Child Custody Evaluators, D. Sonkin PhD, 4 hours, 12/04

Impact of LaMusga- Dealing with Move Aways, 4 hours, 12/04

2005: Domestic Violence for Child Custody Evaluators, D. Sonkin PhD, 4 hours, 11/05

Conducting Custody Evaluations in the Best Interest of the Child, Child Abuse Solutions, 8 hours, 4/05

(2006-2014: no forensic training while taking a break from forensic work to focus on child rearing)

2015: Association of Family and Conciliation Courts: Inventing the Future, 2015

(16.5 hours including 6 hours domestic violence training *)


Gathering of the Gods, 1.5 hours

Working Across Disciplines, 2 hours

Using Private Judges, 1.5 hours

Navigating Complex Issues, 2 hours


Practical Application of Intensive Interventions for Children, 4 hours *

Settlement-Oriented Custody Evaluations, 1.5 hours

DV, Threat and Working with CPS, 2 hours *

Mediation in DV Cases, 2 hours *


Association of Family and Conciliation Courts: Lighting the Path for Family Reorganization: Contemporary Challenges and Innovative Solutions, 11.5 hours:


Not the Same Old..., 2 hours

Understanding Parenting Plan Modifications, 1.5 hours

Special Needs Children in Family Court, 2 hours


Variations in Divorce Co Mediation, 1.5 hours

Sexual Abuse Allegations in custody Evaluations, 2 hours

Strategic Tips for Custody Evaluators, 1/5 hours

Sacramento County Bar Association: Current topics in child custody cases, 8 hours


Sacramento Valley Child Custody Mediators: Domestic Violence Update, 4 hours

Additional Forensic Training:

Special Master in Child Custody and Parenting Disputes, 6 hours, Sept. 2000

Healthy Systems in Family Law, Sacramento County Bar Assn., 2014, 8 hours

Legal Update, 1 hour, 2/03

Legal Response to Parental Abduction, 1 hour, 3/03

Teenagers: What To Do When They Won't Go, 1 hour, 11/03

Developmental Issues for Children of Divorce,1 hour, 9/03

Custody Decisions in Same Sex/ Domestic Partner Relationships, 1 hour, 6/03

Recommending Mediation Training, D. Saposnek, 2002

Confidential Mediation Training, J. Schwartz and C. Barry; 2002