Confidential Mediation

Milton Kalish LCSW, Mediator

The Advantages of Mediation

Empowering-- You are empowered to make the decisions for your family. You can develop any plan that works for you. Participation is voluntary, and you can withdraw from the process at any time.

Confidential-- Statements made in Mediation cannot be used in Court, and there are no written reports or records.

Neutral and Impartial-- As your Mediator I am completely neutral and impartial, and do not side with one parent or the other.

Efficient and Cost Effective-- As a Clinical Social Worker my fees are lower than fees charged by Attorneys for Mediation or Litigation.

As your Mediator, I am committed to empower you, as co parents, to make your own decisions concerning your children, and to assist you in crafting a Parenting Plan that meets the unique needs of your family.

I provide mediation services for parents who are separated, divorced, never married, or married-- parents who are seeking common ground. My goal is to help you develop a Parenting Plan that will serve as a foundation for successful child rearing, designed to fit your own particular circumstances.

I assist you in learning to work together as a team, thereby providing your children a sense of security and confidence, and the support they need for healthy emotional development. As parents, by working together you regain a sense of control over your lives, rather than going to court and having a judge make decisions for you.

My services are straightforward, cost effective, and designed to help you get right to the point when facing the most challenging issues. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I offer skills developed in 35 years of clinical experience with a broad range of families. I have extensive experience with families of divorce.

In cases involving complex legal and financial considerations, I coordinate services with Attorneys and Financial Specialists.