Individual Therapy for Adults:

I have over 40 years of experience as a licensed psychotherapist for adults, adolescents and children, couples and families. My style is challenging yet supportive, and highly relational. Treatment is geared to the unique needs and circumstances of each individual and family.

Some areas of specialization include divorce, family problems, adolescents and children, parenting, depression and anxiety, grief and loss, disabilities, adult midlife transitions.

Family Therapy:

I work with a wide range of families, including very challenging cases. Typically I use a mixed model in which family members can participate both together, and in various combinations. I often coordinate services with therapists who are providing services for individual family members.

What to Expect at the First Session: In the first meeting, we review your concerns and circumstances, and plan for a brief evaluation, usually 4-6 sessions. We then meet to review your concerns, and I present my formulation of the case: the nature of the problem/s and possible underlying causes, pros and cons of the available options, and the treatment plan or plans that I would recommend. At that point we can negotiate a treatment plan to which we can agree and move forward, or I can refer you to alternative resources.

In my work wth Adolescents, parents are involved in treatment planning and are supported in developing a home environment conducive to the goals of therapy, Treatment is geared to the unique needs of the child and family.

Before we first meet, I will send you New Client Information Form: and Consent and Agreement for Psychological Services. Please read the contract carefully and feel free to contact me with questions. To save time, you can fill these forms out and bring them to your first appointment.

Limitations to my psychotherapy practice:: Due to Covid, I am no longer working with young Children because they require in person play therapy. am not accepting long term cases as I approach retirement.