old Psychotherapy


Issues that I work with:
divorce,  couples, child and adolescent, parenting, depression and anxiety, adoption, grief and mourning, disabilities, and adult midlife transitions.  Treatment is geared to the unique needs and circumstances of each individual or family. 

Family Therapy: A major focus of my psychotheapy practice is family therapy.  I often used a mixed model in which family members can participate all together and in various combinations.  

Individual Therapy:                                         My style is challenging yet supportive, and relational.  I have over 35 years of experience as a licensed psychotherapist.      

I am an experienced, emotionally available therapist for children and adolescents.  Treatment is geared to the unique needs of each individual, and as a parent, you are involved at every step of your child's treatment. 

I help younger children naturally express their feelings and concerns  through play therapy.  Your child or adolescents treatment can be supported if the home environment actively supports the goals of therapy,  coordinated through parent conferences and family meetings.