Forensic Services

Mediation, Private and Confidential :  I provide both private, confidential mediation services, and court ordered recommending mediation.  As your mediator, I assist you to come to agreement in the best interests of your children.  There are no records or reports. 

Court Ordered Mediation:  In court ordered mediation, I assist you to come to agreement in the best interests of your children.  However, as a Child Custody Recommending Counselor I am mandated to submit comprehensive recommendations for custody and visitation to the Court concerning areas in which parents cannot agree.  

Child Custody Evaluation:  A 3111 Child Custody Evaluations typically include interviews with parents and children, observations in both homes, and review of documents and collateral sources.  I provide comprehensive recommendations for custody and visitation, a   parenting plan, and resources for auxiliary services such as counseling and rehabilitation.  

Co-Parent Counseling:  I assist divorced or never married parents to develop a businesslike partnership for collaborative parenting.  I also provide counseling for single parents if the other parent will not participate.

Reunification Therapy:  The goal of Reunification Counseling is to help rebuild a troubled parent-child relationship, ideally with the support of the other parent.  Reunification therapy must be ordered by the Court. 

Individual and Family Counseling: Court involved counseling for children, adolescents, parents and families. 

Expert Testimony for Custody and Visitation.  I have been named as an expert witness in Alameda, Contra Costa and Yolo Counties, and I am available to provide expert testimony.